Headmaster lauded for innovative teaching practice

26 July 2010

This is the thing what should one ruling government can learn from their own people. Must encourage rich group of people to contribute fund under scholarship program and they can enjoy income tax rebate or whatever sorts of it as a special privilege to help funding educational sector in one country.

What have been done by all teachers (3 of them) in this school is a true solemn practice, where Mohanlal Rao, a head master at a school in MP successfully managed the learning process given to 300 students. This news video shares the result speaks itself;

<a href="http://www.linkedtube.com/r05JW6jMDwk173376e5f880753616522b76088c9bc2.htm">LinkedTube</a>

After this news published, what is The Minister of Education follow up actions that would be? Still want to sleep in day time? One minister and all politicians must see the future of their country with their insights and not just by using eyes.

Not just watch, but must look into it. Must subtilize to discern oneself for what is watch? what is see? what is look? what is observe? what is examine? everything started from education in building The Great India.

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