Kanak Gogoi builds air-car in Guwahati, India

24 November 2009

Kanak Gogoi proves not necessarily must possessed a tertiary paper qualification to be an innovative person in this world and the world of invention - Guwahati location map - bottom section.

This is something which is to be proud by India country and the people of India. Without having any tertiary paper qualification, Kanak Kogoi has had invented;

1. can run on air supplied by gravity force from a bicycle,
2. generate electricity from speed breaker (one tonne generates one kilowatt),
3. solar hybrid car which can reach maximum speed of 120km/hr, and
4. dozens of other inventions.

240 watts produced from four solar panels.

I can read between the lines his frustration in term of IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) and various promises made by several organizations and institutions. What a poor him and what a sigh!!!

Many mirage type of promises granted him, previously. All of it left as building castle on the air which came from renown organizations and institutions. The two of them were the Chief Minister and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

1.6 acres of land in 2007 has been granted by The Chief Minister and till to this second the said 'granted file' never been moved and touched by the relevant parties at the local administrative office. Why? Why this kind of discouragement happened in Kanak Gogoi's life;

1. Does Kanak Gogoi a beggar in todays technology world?

2. Does because of Kanak Gogoi unable to come forward with bribery practice for them to land their help?

3. Does because of kanak Gogoi never says a word of 'commission' or 'stake' or 'portion' to the relevant parties in return after giving helps?

The ultimate nature will answer in future. The Karma Law will pay to those parties who had looked down and neglected to this kind of 'human' people (Kanak Gogoi).

What a shameful promise that has had been given by MIT to Kanak Gogoi, a fully furnished lab for him in Guwahati. Unfortunately, until now not to say a lab? a tab never seen and is this the said MIT? the so called a famous tertiary learning point?

At Kanak Gogoi's beginning point, he only had two alternatives; pay up his children's school fees or keep going with fully utilizes his pocket money for the scientific innovations. Kanak Gogoi opted to spend his money for his inventions. This kind of activity continues up to 13 years and he already spent Rs.1.5 crore (Rs.15 million).

Why I said Kanak Gogoi is a 'human' people? He refuses to commercialize his inventions and with his consent, anybody can just take it for FREE, if interested.

In my opinion, may be he is so frustrated because nature so far not supporting him in term of uplifting him to what he hopes for. The nature still not bring him a 'human' to help him out from this type of life 'cast', but keep on sending him a 'people'. A people fondly gives promises but never keep the promises.

Where is the said 'supportive' from the government of India to local productive and innovative Indian? Where?...Where?...Where? Should it remains as 'Where' till doomsday?


  1. can i contact this person, do u have his email or number, i want to interview him for techistan.com and see how I can help him get some funding.

    rehan@rehan.com is my email

  2. Dear Rehan Allahwala,

    I am so sorry for my delay in responding to your comment. I missed to insert my email in the "Settings - Comments - Comment Notification Email".

    I hope you've found him on receiving this very late reply.

    Thanks Rehan.



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