One Indian house One India flag 'In-House-Display' to spark nationalism and patriotism

15 November 2009

One Indian house One India flag in-house-display to spark nationalism and patriotism, wherever you are.

Remember, I used the words for 'In House Display' which means The Lovely and Great India Flag is displayed in the house or premise building and not other part or section or area of the said house or premise. Although 'Mr Naveen Jindal' had won the high court case in 2002, and this is the related article's web URL to it;

All Indians must start this kind of mind sharing in nationalism and patriotism to get back the lost value which thing already cultivated deeply and verve standing by the late Mahatma Ghandi.

It's very imperative in generating extra value for any foreigner who step in into India soil. To discern them about Indians always welcome foreigners who only raise up wishes to share with Indians and not to steal Indians and India's properties.

In term of internal and international security, Indians will never left the harmony and strong determination just from the respectful value to the India flag, no one is allowed to stir notorious activity in generating whatever category of terrorism.

Just imagine, everyday when we look at the India flag during leaving house for work, at work place also in sight, at grocery shop, at restaurant, at coffee shop, at hypermarket, definitely will gain extra energy in admiring how great is the needs of nationalism and patriotism in paramount dignity of India to the eyes of the world.

Restart the way how to respect India flag, a little but able to produce long term impact in term of nationalism and patriotism.

Never try will never know and better late than never.

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