Home Remedy To Cure Early Stage of Dengue Fever

In publishing this article, I think much better I relate to this news about - Malaria deaths in India 'underestimated' - the quoted section with red font below credits belong to the author;-
NEW DELHI, Oct. 22 (UPI) -- Deaths from malaria in India may be as much as 10 times higher than official World Health Organization estimates, researchers say.
A new survey suggests malaria kills between 125,000 and 277,000 people per year in India alone, far higher than the 16,000 toll WHO counts, NewScientist.com reports. 
"India has a space program but cannot provide prompt access to malaria treatment in Orissa state [where deaths are highest]," Bob Snow of Oxford University said.

Regarding dengue fever, we must learn and understand how it can ruins human body immunity system and which organ directly effected at the end point of it. Again, let us refer to pundit says about it which I referred to this article - GEO Health -  Papaya can be Effective to cure Dengue;-
According to study done by Dr. Sanath Hettige in Sri Lanka, papaya leaf juice helps increase white blood cells and platelets, normalizes clotting in blood, and repairs the liver. These things are mainly affected by the dengue fever.
Understanding the 'lesson and learn' from the nature of dengue fever and its relations with Malaria effects, surely will discern the patients and caretakers about what it's all about especially when a medical doctor stats "What I can do is to enhance patient's body immunity system to grow up back to normal and 'fight' the battle".

The following home remedial positive effect is for dengue fever sustained by patient at early stage as the body immunity system and organs still not have reached badly damaged or severe level.

Step 1:

Take two (2) pieces of papaya leaves and must ensure leafy part only. Rinse with clean water.

Do not rinse with hot water or cook it or boil it.  

Step 2:

Pound the cleaned two (2) pieces of papaya leaves by using mortar and pastel. This is to ensure the output liquid or raw juice well contained without any waste. 

Step 3:

Strain raw juice and normally it produces two (2) tablespoons.

Step 4:

Take two (2) tablespoons as the right dosage per day of intake. Take it daily until your doctor confirmed that your body white blood cells and platelets back to its normal reading level.

The above four steps, having said, bitterness that cures.


Maybe someone (patient) is looking for some delicacies in treating dengue fever while appetizing. Don't worry, there are special for you; the first one is by taking papaya juice as it can helps your body to shun overheat effected by dengue fever. The other one is taking crab soup, also will helps you a lot.

All of the above home remedy methods told and shared to we-all by an ex-dengue-patient, Rajesi Kanna, watch the video (below);- 

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