India the world 5th. largest Wind Farm supply electricity

5 January 2010

India the world fifth largest Wind Farm supply electricity

Dr Anil Kane
Chairman of the Indian Wind Energy Association
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The wind turbine super power, largest scale cut down CO2 emission. Few hundred kilometer from Mumbai City, there is the largest wind farm in the world. with 1,200 kilometer square (almost the size of London).

Each turbine over 100 meter tall and able to supplying electricity to more than a thousand houses for middle class end users.

Dr Anil Kane said India will increase its production by double in the next five years in an interview with Ethical Man, Justin Rowlatt in this video.

Suzlon, an Indian-owned company, emerged on the global scene in the past decade, and by 2006 had captured almost 8 percent of market share in global wind turbine sales. Suzlon is currently the leading manufacturer of wind turbines for the Indian market, holding some 52.4 percent of market share in India. Suzlon’s success has made India the developing country leader in advanced wind turbine technology.

State-Level Wind Power

Tamil Nadu (4301.63 MW)

Not far from Aralvaimozhi, the Muppandal wind farm which the largest in Asia is located near the once impoverished village of Muppandal; is a small village on the southern tip of India in Kanyakumari District, in the state of Tamil Nadu. It is located in a hilly region where wind from the Arabian Sea gusts through mountain passes.

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Maharashtra (1942.25 MW)

Maharashtra is second only to Tamil Nadu in terms of generating capacity. Suzlon has been heavily involved. Suzlon operates what was once Asia's largest wind farm, the Vankusawade Wind Park (201 MW), near the Koyna reservoir in Satara district of Maharashtra.

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Gujarat (1565.61 MW)

ONGC Ltd has commissioned its first wind power project. The 51 MW project is located at Motisindholi in Kutch district of Gujarat. ONGC had placed the EPC order on Suzlon Energy in January 2008, for setting up the wind farm comprising 34 turbines of 1.5-mw each.

Work on the project had begun in February 2008, and it is learnt that the first three turbines had begun production within 43 days of starting construction work.

Power from this Rs 308 crore captive wind farm will be wheeled to the Gujarat state grid for onward use by ONGC at its Ankleshwar, Ahmedabad, Mehsana and Vadodara centres. ONGC has targeted to develop a captive wind power capacity of around 200 MW in 2011.

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Karnataka (1340.23 MW)

There are many small wind farms in Karnataka, making it one of the states in India which has a high number of wind mill farms. Chitradurga, Gadag are some of the districts where there are a large number of Windmills. Chitradurga alone has over 200 wind turbines.

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Rajasthan (738.5 MW)

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Madhya Pradesh (212.8 MW)

At present Rs.3.97p/kwh coming down to Rs 3.30 from the 5th year to 20th year.

In consideration of unique concept, Govt. of Madhya Pradesh has sanctioned another 15 MW project to MPWL at Nagda Hills near Dewas. All the 25 WEGs have been commissioned on 31.03.2008 and under successful operation.

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Andhra Pradesh (122.45 MW)

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Kerala (26.5 MW)

The first wind farm of the state was set up at Kanjikode in Palakkad district. It has a generating capacity of 23.00 MW. A new wind farm project was launched with private participation at Ramakkalmedu in Idukki district. The project, which was inaugurated by chief minister V. S. Achuthanandan in April 2008, aims at generating 10.5 MW of electricity.

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West Bengal (1.10 MW)

The total installation in West Bengal is just 1.10 MW as there was only 0.5 MW addition in 2006-2007 and none between 2007-2008 and 2008-2009

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Others (3.20 MW)

Initial cost for wind turbines is greater than that of conventional fossil fuel generators. Noise produced by the rotor blades. There is interference on television signals.It causes significant bird and other avian deaths. Wind resources might not be available near cities and, even so, the space might be used for other purposes that can generate larger profits. Wind cannot be stored (unless batteries are used) Not all winds can be harnessed to meet the timing of electricity demands.

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