"New life" has just begun in Bhopal case

 I really in deep hope, this is a good new beginning to settle the hot issue on Bhopal case. At least, the energetic new efforts something that can make all the involved victims can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Secondly, the government has to take this case seriously as its devastating effects and affect are very obvious and it cannot blindfold people eyes on it. A shameful governing level and status if this case can be overwrites as "write off" and "case off" from the high court's hammer.

<a href="http://www.linkedtube.com/9Gil1QtCRk8182ad3609c205ce76f5c4d38c026dbce.htm">LinkedTube</a>  

The people of India must fully supports this case by writing more web articles constructively cushion the victims' predicaments and ordeals that they had undergone for 25 years.

Do some personal/direct interview with victims (if you personally recognized  and closed to them) to publish the true untold story about it by using blogging platform on internet. Let us be part of their team in making their outcry effectively channels to more groups of people.

I don't see any reason for readers to say "I can't support the victims with my writing". This is the so called "At Least" for us to do in supporting the unfortunate victims and their effected family members.

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