Dr Nirmala Reddy: An Indian Entrepreneur Opens Up Business In Bangkok, Thailand

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November 21, 2011: Bangkok, Thailand — Dr Nirmala Reddy (Nirmala Narendra) from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India is now living as an expatriate in Bangkok, Thailand. Living as an expatriate in other country isn't an easy task to opens up a new business, especially, to confide locals in rendering services.

She highlights a good example about Indians can do business anywhere in this world regardless of the geo-location. Her life principle is every success must be followed by values.

Dr. Nirmla Reddy@Linkedin
Dr Nirmala Reddy (Nirmala Narendra)
Dr. Nirmala Reddy
Health And Ayurveda | Healthy Ideas For Healthy Life
By profession, she is an holistic healer practicing the Ancient system of Indian Medicine .i.e'.Ayurveda'. She believes that if we take care of our health with the guidance of Ayurveda, then we can help our health conditions to be better always.

Kids Robotics Learning Center, Bangkok, Thailand

She had established Kids Robotics Learning Center, 2A Srisothorn Place, (near square) Soi 23 Prasarnmitr Road Sukhumvit, Bangkok THAILAND 10110. * Phone: 081-7345872  Geo-location/UTC/GPS (lat,lon): 13.740333,100.563194

For more details about Kids Robotics Learning Center, please click on the blue-marker pointed on the Google Maps. Thank you.


  1. Congratulations to my dear friends, Dr.Nirmala for her enterprising quality and Mr. Michael Dadonna for his generosity in appreciating skills wherever they are and for promoting Dr. Nirmala's business through his Blog...

    Wish you the very best of success in all your endeavors, dear Nimmo and thank you dear Mike...

  2. .Congratulations to my loving friend Dr. Nirmala Reddy and wish her more success in future.

    Hats off to our dear friend Mr. Michael Dadonna who never fails to show a right and better path, always.

  3. Thanks J for the supportive comment. The Great India produces lots of "hidden" entrepreneurs outside of India country. The only thing is the India's media unable to locate them as they-all unlike to publicize themselves openly on internet. Hopefully, this is a good start for netizens to know about Indians living in other countries. Popularity never started itself without the existence of promoters.

  4. Also my thanks to Mythili Kannan for publishing conducive comment on Dr. Nirmala Reddy's personal achievement in doing business abroad. hopefully, you too! can be heard in future as a great Indian entrepreneur living in Switzerland!

  5. Thanks Michael Dadona for encouraging me in my venture.Michael Dadona,You are truly a good person who has shown me the path of e-networking.
    I would also like to encourage all Digital Bhoomi members the value of e-social networks.I would also like to thank WWW.DigitalBhoomi.com ,as it is the place where i started my blogs,and my e-social world.

  6. Thanks Jayashree S Kumar for your kind comments,i am glad to have you as a great friend ,who always encourages me and supports me.

  7. Thanks Mythili Kannan for your love and wishes.I am sure you will always be a great support for me


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