Havinder Singh slapped Sharad Pawar: Slap is for the beginning of a change

Nov. 25, 2011: NDMC@New Delhi Municipal Council — A man in his thirties identified as Harvinder Singh who is also the man who attacked 86-year-old former telecom minister Sukhram outside Delhi High Court last week, slapped Sharad Pawar (Union Agriculture Minister of India).

Although, Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar said the House strongly condemns the unfortunate incident of assault on Sharad Pawar, Havinder Singh defended his action taken was to vent out anger over price rise, corruption, and black money are necessary, as the people of India already fed up with corrupt politicians.

Mr. Manmohan Singh should realizes the uprising protests on corruption issues in India, the cause and effect.  Reportedly, The House expressed its unequivocal disapproval on the incident happened upon Havinder Singh slapped Sharad Pawar.

The key question to Mr Manmohan Singh ~ Is corruption seriously holding India back?


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