How to eradicate corruption in India?

August 15, 2009_Saturday

Mahatma Gandhi-like Prime Minister of India must observe corruption through nature learning. Corruption similarly like to the uncontrollable burning fire. Must ask him self one specific-nature-scientific question;

What is the root source that starts the fire to exist before burning?

Oxygen is the root source because nobody can deny that without oxygen the fire can produce burning. Who is the ‘oxygen’ related to any degree of corruption activity? The answer is the ‘giver’ offers the ‘taker’ to start malfeasance activity which can lead to the corruption practice. Punishment must be given to the giver more stiffs and harder to the ‘giver’ than the ‘taker’.

Through Mahatma Gandhi-like Prime Minister of India must use veto power in the Parliament to establish an amendment to the present ‘Corruption Law’ implementing by enforcement stating that anyone who has had convicted as a ‘giver’ in corruption practice getting ten (10) times punishment more than the ‘taker’. More greater will be much better.

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  1. Great article, Mike. Nice feeling that you are a great lover and well wisher of India.
    Wish you all the best....
    Jayashree S Kumar, Digital Bhoomi
    Happiness lies within you....

  2. Thanks for the compliment, J. Google Webmaster Tools suggested this blog to be verified...hahaha! I am happy this blog page listed under Webmaster Tools verification. So I am adding its META TAG verification code today.

  3. I think this is a foolish argument, as most of the times its the taker who creates a situation to make money ...and not a soul on earth would would wish to happily part away with the money, unless and until forced to ..Economic offence and corruption can be wiped out in a country like India only if there is capital punishment or a middle east like law, where one wud chop the hands of the culprit..and incidentally corruption and high handedness of the powers to be are the key reasons for Maoist movements in India...God save Democracy, God save India. .....Prasad Karanth

  4. Thanks for you informative comment, Prasad. Go ahead so that your voice heard by the relevant parties. Foolish or not it doesn't matter, at least, I'd raised up the issue how to eradicate.

    Write your own blog so that your points more vibrant to be taken by the intended parties.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. the portion of corruption money involved in getting basic public services/utilities from the government is negligible when compared to the kick backs received from the contracts at state, national and international level including policy decisions. Therefore the argument is valid in one sense but will not apply for whole thing. Further the Mahatma like persons has no possibilities to become PM given the prevailing political moralities.



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