How to avoid spamming any social network site?

10 May 2010 ::: 

This piece of reading material is very important for you to read if you are an active netizen merely focus on online earning in these areas of networking;

1. Are your participation string up with "No Spam" site?
2. Are you a type of looking an international "Free Ad" site?
3. Are your participation involved in "Referral Link" campaign?
4. Are you a registered member to any type of Post-Get-Pay site?
5. Are you a person who like much to search new network everyday?

Here is the solution for you and you have to understand how this FREE operating system works for you and the steps go this way;

1. Log in to the site ( Free Sign Up )
2. Click "Message Inbox"
3. Read 10 campaigns published by other members
3. Click "Post To Open Contact"
4. Compose your campaign/message;
- Title
- Compose your ad in the compose box
- On composing do not forget to write up or insert your "Referral Link(s)" or weblog URL

5. Check the "Save Message" box
6. Click "Preview"
7. Click "Post this message"
8. Click "Return to message inbox" to view your posted campaign.
9. Click "Affiliate Center"
10. Copy and paste your "Your Referral Tracking Link" or "Advertisements: Text Ad" or "Banners: Size 468 x 60" AND embed it onto your weblog site.

ALL of the above steps you can get it FREE and to register click here.


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