Helmet - Solar - Wind Combination Able to Charge Cellular Phone Device

10 May 2010

A Helmet That Able to Charge Cellular Phone Device
(Images Source : ahmedabadmirror.com)

Location of Invention :
Nirma University, Ahmedabad

Inventors :
Pragnesh Dudhaiya and Alok Bhatt

Profession :
both are 2010 final year students of BTech (electrical engineering)

Product Design Showcase :
For a college green fest

Product Features :
A combination of bike helmet and a cellular phone charger unit

Sales Price Per Unit : Rs 1000

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Motive :

1. To generate electricity from natural resources; Sun and Wind.
2. As a power-miniature-generator to produce 6 and 4 volts of electricity from solar and wind output, respectively.

Objective :

1. To motivate Amdavadis to wear helmet while they are driving.
2. While on safety benefit on biking can enjoy extra benefit to charge mobile phone

How it works on solar mode?

From solar power it has been set up 4 volts to charge a battery back up of one hour attached to the helmet and a rider can stright away connect the cellular phone unit to the charger for charging while on the move. For a maximum single charging the inventor claimed that the charger takes only 40 minutes compare to the normal charging period which needs for almost one-and-a-half hours.

How it works on wind mode?

At a minimum speed of 20km/hr it's able to produces 4 Volts of electrcity to charge a battery back up of one hour attached to the helmet. It works with the same procedures and methods for charging a cellular phone unit.


On writing this article after I watched news on TV, I don't have any video source to share with readers but this third party's video uploaded on YouTube by "ElektrischerApparat" with the title "Propellerhelmet"  will helps much to explain how the charger mechanism works for charging cellular phone unit.

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