India needs more tourism articles from personal blogs

14 May 2010


India's Indians and NRIs must understand tourism business activities generated rapid cycles of a rupee ownership changing. Travel and tour created enormous money distribution points in various related industries and it revolves in domestic expenditures and revenues. If possible a rupee keep on changing its ownership title 100 times in an hour. The buy-sell-save-spend circulations based on non-sleep or non-stop able to rapidly grow the economy development and progress in the country. 

The target groups 

Local tourists from all walks of life still many do not know where are the right points for their holiday or vacation unless useful information related to tourism articles provided for them to select. Whereas, they all also take proud in promoting their own country tourism industry and this group really helpful in continuously supports the economy growth like what were the contributing factors that I've mentioned in the above "Intro" paragraph. Inadequate or insufficient information had made them less interests in searching for their decision making. This group is a prime target, actually.

Foreign tourists is a big gain for one country and needless for us to take out a calculator machine to do the simple arithmetic calculation for it. Just imagine on one country received regular foreign tourist per year and how much they have to pay for "Tourist Visa" per tourist. Not yet calculating their worth spending in the country during their visit and stay, but the moral of visit will generate other multiple economy branches completely with the business tax revenue that at the end will be collected by one government. 

What type of personal blogs needed? 

As we all know that the government and private sectors tourism campaigns running on their own motives and objectives. Their information based on common tourists spots in publishing their related tourism articles be the best info providing in term of from "whole to a part" type of publication. In this area of sharing info, it needs many information from "a part to whole" and for this purpose personal blogs can play major role where it pin-point the specific location related to cottage industry.

"A Village A Product" type of blog related to tourism article should be produced from the people of India where it combines the value of tourists visiting hours and specific cottage industry or much better numerous industries. It's to generate rich type of tourism information as an assorted type of tourism product. This step can only be reached when a blog writer/author practice or exercise plagiarism-free of article writing.

Creative Writing

In their writing this type of article, the provided information gathered the all useful data by publishing it through creative writing, images/photos, maps, and videos. For sure in encouraging and motivating them to prepare this type of blog, they also must have their niche business interests for their earnings/incomes. So in this particular case, a blog writer must know how to insert the interest elements in their writing content(s) in producing exciting output from their "noble" efforts.


Knowledgeable in the spic-and-span about technical know-how in AdSense earnings algorithm is a fruitful technique and practice for them to apply in their Trple B (Blog-Blogger-Blogging) Concept of blog publishing. Next is sharing their blog to major and renown sites will be a great value-added in their writing world to be famously known as a specific writer/author on internet. Not just able to build up their international network, it's also shine up their creative writing to the related interested third parties once their writing content espied and edified by connoisseurs writers, authors, and readers.

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