Super Singer Contest - Online Singing Recording And Submission For Indians and NRIs

8 April 2010 - India Super Singer Contest


The rules:

1. You must be a member.

2. The song you choose must be in Indian language. English songs are not allowed.

3. You can choose classical or cinema music.

4. You must be 18 or older.

5. When you record your song, record your name, city and brief details about you before you record your song. We want to make sure no one is uploading the songs sung by Chitra or SP.B or Yesudas. If you win the contest, we may call you and ask you to sing the song over the phone to verify your voice.

6. You can live anywhere in the world. However, only Indian songs are allowed. We restrict the competition to only Indian songs because we want to encourage and promote Indian singers.


Length and file format:

It will be ideal if your recording doesn't exceed 5 minutes. But, there is no limit. You should record your song in MP3 format before uploading to AND introduce your name completely with the title of the song you want to sing.

Next is to post new thread through forum index under "Your Voice" by embedding its audio serial code in the compose post box in between VB code e.g. [4SHARED]the 4shared audio serial code[ /4SHARED]  and write up its tagword for "Super Singer Contest".

Join 4Shared Now!

If you are uploading your music video to Youtube, any valid video format (mpg,avi, etc.,) will do. Please see for file formats required by Youtube.

You may or may not get the chance to enter in Airtel Super Singer contest or the similar contests, but here is your chance to showcase your voice to the world! Rock on!!

If you think your voice is not that good, please forward this news to a music genius you know.


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