India's worse flooding in decades

6 October 2009

(foods and drinks dropping from Air Force helicopters)

(the worst in decades)
(2.5million people homeless)

Today things more worsen when flood broaden its submerge area covers three states of Southern India; Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Maharashtra; villages submerged causing high number of death toll and for today from the previous 100 now become 1,000 relief camps serving for 1million victims.

Although military aid came very late (yesterday), victims managed and handled on their own settlements. Hopes Prime Minister of India, Mr Manmohan Singh, take some drastic actions in helping those victims after the state chief minister, K Rosaiah has done utmost efforts.

Special relief operation should be undertaken, especially, a formal visit by Prime Minister would be a kind of quick relief to all victims as assurance supports on foods/drinks and medical teams reach at the right time and place. While taking control on the rain-swollen reservoirs which released high volume of water (ordered made by the relevant authorities) found made thing worsen.

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