The moan of the Indian wind

4 June 2010

I got the idea to write up this special issue after have seen on TV news, videos, and several news media related to the recent "Mangalore-Air-Crash". I delved into the story telling shared and try to find out what does it tells? What are the correlated issues from the disaster?

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The key point is the crashed plane routed from Dubai to India and as always nature has it own ways in conveying the message to humankind to take, accept, learn, analyze, and resolute.

We heard many incidents of despair from Indian workers in Dubai and this issue should has been taken seriously by Finance Minister of India, Pranab Mukherjee, working closely and effectively with all state's of finance ministers in generating more inland jobs.

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As we all knew that the highest number of Indian workers in Dubai came from Kerala. This predicament also must be managed and handled systematically by Finance Minister of Kerala State, Dr. T. M. Thomas Isaac.

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The most critical part is India has been drummed up enjoying good economy growth like what China is enjoying, too. But lately, both countries triggered and sparked with workers had taken suicidal actions, be part of their passing up this type of message channeled to the government.

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