How to get real freedom in India?

August 15, 2009_Saturday

Indian people need to have paradigm shift. Shifting the current believe and self belief to have new way of thinking happily to enjoy life and thing which does content the property of moving forward.

Debouch from any kind of life practice that proven no longer fruitful for self development. Paradigm shift in one citizen needed because it’s a beginning agenda in getting the right meaning of self-freedom.

From self freedom in one citizen mind, absolutely, will only look for self freedom leader to lead India, whom is a Mahatma Gandhi-like Prime Minister of India to establish the perfect practice of freedom. The freedom India and the freedom people of India.

Like my writing content, freedom from plagiarism to any kind of third party’s sources of writing. I am freedom with my original idea. During India celebrating the National Independence Day on August 15, 2009; I am also celebrating my 171 day-old as Digital Bhoomi member.

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