What is India’s biggest strength?

August 15, 2009_Saturday

The root package strength which is a perfect undeniable fact accepted by the world population about the leading strength of India is ‘human and natural’ resources.

When we do talking about strength, we are elaborating the root part of the source of strong. We must learn from the nature FREE giving life tutorial about plant. Roots are the base foundation and India already adequately supplied with the root package.

One country will not develop forever without having strength in human and natural resources. It was proven by the previous history for why British came to India. What else to give a concrete proof of strength, history already written that India is very powerful in providing human and natural resources.

This kind of strength needed by all 257 countries in this world to excel and lucrative. I believe in the next general elections there will be a Mahatma Gandhi-like Prime Minister, who know how to make use this root package strength to economized the country and pay back the wealth, health, and harmonize the people of India.

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