Indians success story made possible by AdSense

Last time I heard many Indians said their application submissions were hardly getting approval for being publishers to AdSense program by highlighting an issue on their living/correspondence address in India. Some of them tried hard using their friends'/relatives' US addresses in their application for submission, but still several times rejected by AdSense.

I'm told about that story (1st. Paragraph) by one of my online best friends, Mythili Kannan, who is an Indian living as an expatriate in Basel, Switzerland; she is an active blogger. I am an American, once heard about it; 
"No and not, the factual answer is in the form of question for why there is Google India? Which also means that there is AdSense India! The only thing now is you-all did not follow the AdSense Program & Policies related to your blogging activity." - I replied/answered to Mythili Kannan's question.  
Today (Tuesday, January 25, 2011 - 9:25:00 AM), an article  posted by Sheeba Eustachius - AdSense India, titled; A success story made possible by AdSense; proven that there is nothing to do with geographic location in AdSense submission. Amit and Anurag are both co-founders of in India proving their site really making money through AdSense program. Both of them are Indians living in India. Another great story created by Amit and Anurag, showing that Indian in India also can do it, much better!.

Congrats! Amit and Anurag,

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