Indian techie at HP starts portal to sell vegetables

6 October 2009

'Veggie Bazaar', Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Thatwamasi Foods Pvt Ltd
New No 3, 2nd Cross Street,
Sastri Nagar, Adyar,
Chennai - 600 020.

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India;-

I am so proud with the high spiritual value complete with his innovative way of implementing the e-marketing and e-advertising done by RK Venkatesan, what makes me so feeling great about it? During e-selling not yet so popular and acceptable in India by many consumers but he innovated confidently put on the market this kind of products sales online. My salute to RK Venkatesan.

He is a Hewlett-Packard (HP) engineer and able to offer to his e-consumers a 24 hour notice of delivery per order. This is a convenience type of veggie shopping and a kind of wet e-market. He started this business in early of July 2009 and what a tremendous support from e-users which currently with a total of 7,000 deliveries at an average of Rs. 200 per order and more amazing, for now with registered 3,000 users.

In the near future, he is planning to supply by order to IT parks employees and student for lunch package.

To visit 'Veggie Bazaar' web URL;

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