Why I love India?

August 15, 2009_Saturday

Intelligently created by Mahatma Gandhi in making India to be well known internationally with one slogan for “India is Mahatma Gandhi and Mahatma Gandhi is India”, produce historical value which make India a total different in this world to all 257 countries. Does anyone in this world can give proof any country leader does not ever has had heard who is Mahatma Gandhi? Does any leader can deny “India is Mahatma Gandhi and Mahatma Gandhi is India”? Meaning that, India comes from one noble wisher man.

Lushness with assorted cultures and customs already an obvious proof of prosperity amongst multi-racial fostered very beautifully by India citizens. The solidarity values are bountifully shined the well integrated different mind and thoughts.

Offsetting the national products produced and introduced compare to other countries products a real making of “Made in India” recognized by the world population. Look at it once espied, people accepted it is a “Made in India” products, ballooning with its own trend and pattern.

Variety R & D technologies making India always has a new thing to serve not only to Indians in India, but, it promotes international user friendly without having much questions as a feedback. Many countries have had certified and verified India R & D products.

Excellency of India people carries the name as Indian populated in other countries as they proudly declared that “I am and Indian” grows the networks through out seven (7) continents. It formed as the main factor why other countries gradually giving more respect to India and the people of India.

All of the above five (5) initials at each paragraph structured the formation of I, L, O, V, & E be the ‘I LOVE” accomplished one sentence building for I love India be the great reason for “Why I love India”.

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